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Designing Synthetic Enzyme-Mimicking Catalysts

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  • Biotechnology Training Program

    Congratulations to Kailey on receiving a traineeship through UW Madison’s Biotechnology Training Program!

  • Graduation and Research Internship for Justice

    Congratulations on graduating, Justice! We’re excited that you will be continuing with us as a research intern!

  • Hassan’s Graduation!

    Congratulations on graduating, Hassan! We will miss you. Best of luck as you start your PhD in Chemistry at Duke!

  • Congratulations, Jeff and Edward!

    Jeff and Edward were both recipients of the 2022 Graduate Student Faculty Liaison Committee Mentor Award.

  • Undergraduate Awards

    Congratulations to all of our undergraduate researchers for their recent awards and poster presentations! Max, Justice, Hang and Christian all presented posters in the Chemistry Department Undergraduate Poster Session Hassan and Christian gave oral presentations …

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