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Designing Synthetic Enzyme-Mimicking Catalysts

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  • New Publication

    Caleb, Ashley and JP’s paper about switchable DNA polymerization catalysts is online now in JACS! Go team!

  • Welcome New Students!

    Welcome to the newest Martell Group students, Leslie, Lizzy, Eli and Zach!

  • Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program

    Thank you to the Office of Naval Research for supporting our work with a Young Investigator Award!

  • New Publication

    Mario and Max’s paper on chemoenzymatic benzylic functionalization was just published! Check it out in ACS Catalysis!

  • ACS Chicago 2022

    The Martell Group made a strong showing at the national ACS meeting in Chicago! Congratulations to Eric, Jed, and Justice on your posters, and to Mario and Jeff on your oral presentations.

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