Jeff Martell

Assistant Professor

B.A. 2009, Northwestern University
Ph.D. 2015, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Poctdoctoral Researcher at University of California, Berkeley, 2015 – 2019

Jeff was born and raised in Chicago, and he was an undergraduate at Northwestern, where he did research in the group of Rick Silverman on organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and enzymology. Jeff did his PhD in Chemistry at MIT in the group of Alice Ting, where he used protein engineering and directed evolution to create new tools for studying cell biology. Inspired by the idea of creating protein-mimicking cavities in synthetic materials, he did postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley in the group of Jeff Long, where he studied diamine-appended metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) for cooperative CO2 capture and developed a chiral MOF for enantioselective recognition. At UW-Madison, Jeff is excited to build a team of interdisciplinary researchers that draws from biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and materials to create enzyme-mimicking catalysts.

Lab Members

Jedidiah Chung

Position title: Second-Year Graduate Student

Jed has a B.S in Chemistry from University of Delaware. He has previously worked under professor Zhihao Zhuang in developing activity-based ubiquitin probes to study deubiquitinase activities in cells. Outside labs, he enjoys very enthusiastic walks.

Mario Cribari

Position title: Third-Year Graduate Student

Mario has a B.S. in Chemistry and in Biophysics from Xavier University. During his undergraduate work he spent time researching protein folding. He also worked at the University of Cincinnati medical school in a research capacity, looking into the genetic and protein level effects of schizophrenia. In his free time Mario loves to play video games and also is a big trivia buff.

Sifei Fang

Position title: Second-Year Graduate Student

Sifei got his B.A. in Chemistry from University of Minnesota Twin Cities. During this time, he worked on utilizing photo-cleavable protecting groups to study intermediate states of biological processes and to spatial-temporal control drug releasing using two-photon irradiation. When Sifei is not in the lab, he likes to be a Pokémon trainer and a competitive Pokémon battler.

Gillian Good

Position title: Second-Year Graduate Student

Gillian got her B.S. in Chemistry from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. While there she worked on the synthesis of natural product analogues and explored the reaction scope of inverse electron demand Diels-Alder reactions on substituted imines. In her free time, Gillian loves to play flute, sing, and attend as many concerts as she can.

Eric Kohn

Position title: Second-Year Graduate Student

Eric earned B.S. degrees in Biochemistry and Biological Sciences from Rowan University. His undergraduate research focused on peptide and protein biophysics. His interests in catalysis and supramolecular chemistry arose during an NSF-REU at Syracuse University. Outside the lab, Eric likes to read and go on hikes.

Ashley Ogorek

Position title: Second-Year Graduate Student

Ashley received a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of St. Thomas. During her undergraduate career, she worked on synthesizing small molecule antimicrobials to fight Tuberculosis. When she is not in the lab, Ashley loves to bake, cook, and spend time with her husband.

Edward Pimentel

Position title: Third-Year Graduate Student

Edward got his B.S. in Chemistry from Brigham Young University, where he worked on natural product synthesis. He has also worked on herbicide development as an intern at Dow AgroSciences and on Joshua Tree research at Deep Springs College. When he’s not in the lab, he likes to play board games and spend time with his wife.